Introducing our premium HVAC Blower Regulator, expertly engineered for the Ferrari 355 and 348. We recognize the importance of maintaining the legacy and performance of your Ferrari, especially now that Ferrari has decided to discontinue production of this critical component, rendering it obsolete.

Our regulator is designed to fit and operate exactly as the genuine Ferrari component it replaces, ensuring a perfect match in form, fit, and function. It provides a seamless integration and performance that mirrors the original, maintaining the integrity and luxury of your vehicle.

Not Sure iof your blower regulator is working properly? Watch for these most commone symptoms indicating a failing HVAC Blower Regulator:

  1. Inconsistent Airflow: Erratic changes in the airflow from your car's vents are often the first sign of a deteriorating regulator. Instead of a consistent breeze, the air might vary in intensity or come out in unpredictable bursts.

  2. Fan Only Works at Certain Speeds: If your blower motor responds only to specific settings, it's a clear indication of regulator issues. You might find that your fan works only at high or low settings, with intermediate speeds being non-functional.

  3. No Air from Vents: A fan that fails to blow any air through the vents suggests a complete lack of power distribution from the regulator to the blower motor.

  4. Fan Runs Constantly: A continuously running fan, even when your vehicle is turned off, is a classic symptom of a faulty regulator. This can lead to battery drain and needs immediate replacement.

With Ferrari discontinuing the original part, our HVAC Blower Regulator is more than just a replacement; it's a necessary upgrade. Manufactured with the highest quality materials, it promises durability and sustained performance. It's crafted to maintain the peak performance and elegance of your vehicle, ensuring that your climate control system operates as smoothly and efficiently as ever.

Choose our HVAC Blower Regulator for your Ferrari 355 or 348 to preserve the unmatched performance and comfort you expect. In the world of automotive excellence, never settle for less. Your vehicle deserves components that maintain its prestigious reputation and performance.

Ferrari Part Number: 63307200





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